Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~ View while washing ~

It is a great thing to be unique. Just because you don't have the best house, cook the greatest meals, or have the best behaved children of all your friends - it doesn't mean you arent special. Most unhappiness is created by comparison. Do not ever compare. Just be you... always!
So, last night I polished all the inherited silver! How sparkling and beautiful does my Aladdin teapot look? This is the teapot we take on picnics with friends to New Farm Park or Hamilton Riverside Park. I dress the little card table with a breakfast cloth and brew up hot tea for all the girls. It brings so many memories. A good friends first baby, my children playing around the trees and that feeling of walking along side the river with a hot cup of fresh tea in my cashmere tea cups... so kitsch, yet so memorable and I love that my friends remember that about me!

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  1. Welcome to blog land Digella, it's looks like your very new too! I find the whole experience rather addictive. As you said on twitter there are so many beautiful and inspiring blogs it's hard to stop yourself from following all the different links. I completely agree with you about not trying to 'keep up with the Jones'. Being content and enjoying what you have is incredibly important, however I think we all sometimes fall into this nasty frame of mine where we constantly compare ourselves with others. A negative habit that really should be avoided!


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