Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~ Luggage Perfection ~

Most of us enjoy travelling. Well I do now. I remember a time, not that long ago that I actually HATED it. For me I approached each impending trip with the feeling "going on holidays is just the same shit as at home except you don't have your own bed and you have to pack and unpack 5+ peoples stuff" But the children were small, fought constantly over toys and required constant supervision / food / drink.  And we lived in Brisbane and my husband worked all over the place... we travelled a lot!
Now I have a different feeling. I enjoy it. The kids enjoy it. And we all work together and normally have a great time.

Travelling for work is a slightly different story. It breaks the week up and most of the time sees the finalisation of an event or important milestone. It is a good thing. However I really don't like packing and unpacking and I feel like I should look more glamorous doing the airport thing.
Spencer and Rutherford to the rescue!
For a limited time, buy any two items and you get a free business carry on for FREE!

I have been eyeing this off for a few weeks and soon it will be mine!

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  1. Oohh I really need new luggage, thankyou for the headsup. :)


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