Thursday, December 17, 2009

~ A Lump of Coal ~

Another Martha Moment!

Martha states:

We all know what good-for-nothings get in their stockings: coal. But something is different this year. These sparkling nuggets are no ordinary lumps but gift boxes embellished with paint, paper, and lots of glitter. The faux-coal pieces are just the right size to package earrings, a rolled-up tie, and other small gifts. Looks like landing on the Naughty List isn't so terrible after all.

In just four complicated, messy steps using half of Tonia Todmans craft collection you too can create a jewellery box for a pair of diamond studs you may have bought for a close friend* which looks like a glossy rock*.

Where can I torture myself with this craft I hear you ask? Well head over to Martha Stewart dot com here

* Martha assumes we are all rich and can afford diamond studs for close friends and that we have so much time on our hands leading up to Christmas that we can fit craft into our schedule in between ladies lunches and decorating our homes like decor museums!

1 comment:

  1. Martha assumes wrong, but how cute anyway.
    I will put it on my list of 253 things to do before Christmas!
    Have a great day Digella

    Ang xx


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