Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Holy Communion

The littlest one, my baby, my only girl is receiving her First Holy Communion this year.

Raised in an Catholic family, attending Catholic schools and of course performing all Catholic rituals was a big part of my childhood. A nice part. Unfortunately (for my extremely Catholic grandmother) around the age of 12 I began to question the church. And frankly most Catholics would admit some of it is quite strange. Being exposed to something from the day you were born becomes normal, but it doesn’t mean its not a little odd.
 My First Communion Day 1986
I attend a non Catholic church regularly now. Even if most Catholic's wont acknowledge it as a 'True church' what does it matter? Faith is what anyone can have, in any place, at any time.

But then I had a D-lema (a D-lemma is a dilemma for Digella)

While learning about First Communion at catholic school, my daughter was most excited when she came back from the new kids church one Sunday to exclaim "Mummy, can I ring Grandma today? Because I have to tell her I have already done my first communion. We had bread and wine and I didn’t even have a veil on!"

SHIT! I had some explaining to do.

A very long, sometimes confusing, extremely bonding talk ensued and together my little girl and I came up with the solution.

She wants the dress, the veil, the flowers, the while shoes, the gold cross, the party and of course the cake. We are celebrating this for what it is to us. A family tradition!

Welcome to:
Our Big Fat Croatian First Holy Communion

The Dress

What am I going to wear!
We drive up to my mothers house to exhume my dress from 1986. Its ok, these things don’t date. But it didn’t fit. So she announced “Mum, I will have to go on a diet”

OH NO! I have created weight issues at 7 years old!

So I tell her “Its ok darling, its just mummy gives you so much good food that you have grown so big and tall” at which point I think I pissed my mother off because she turned to me and said “I fed you very well thank you very much”

And so the drama begins!

So my mother bought her a new dress and its lovely. Everyone happy.

The Guest List
We need a well thought out truncated list of the family. I am not hosting 100+

The Food
The little girl has decided on a morning high tea with a candy buffet. Thats ok, I can do that. I might need to take a couple of days off work for all this baking, but Digella can do it!

So we still have to work out;
The flowers, the gift, the mother of the girl outfit (that’s me)

Three months to go.

I will keep you posted

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  1. Cute little girls deserve to look like a princess during their holy day!


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