Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mess Today Gone Tomorrow

Some people can relate and some are so anally organised they would look upon this image with disgust.  Make up, a few coffee cups, a plate which I had toast on yesterday (or maybe last week) Christmas decorations I am yet to put away. I had a blitz about two years ago and installed the monthly planners on the wall, decorated with some flowers and bought some folders from KIKI K. But I quickly fell back into my old ways. How is it possible I was ever a CEO's PA!? How did I become this way?!

I am ashamed. This is my workspace.

This is what my desk looks like when I arrive in the morning.

STOP! Help is at hand.

I first learnt about Brigitte Hinneberg when I purchased Did You Remember the Milk. (DYRTM) This folder promised to help take the stress out of your life, get you more organised, and free up your time to relax!

On the DYRTM website here you can download free samples and research ideas such as

What are you having for dinner?

A terrified of tax time check list!

How to organise children!

Since the conception and the success of Did You Remember the Milk, Brigitte teamed up with MaryAnne Bennie and Paper Flow the book was born.  Paper Flow helps all types of people manage their paperwork using an easy, tried and tested system.

I have joined the Paper Flow 28 Day Challenge and am now accountable for my actions or lack thereof.

My Promise
I do solemnly swear to follow all tasks set out on during the Challenge.
My desk will never look this bad again.
I will share my new skills with others.

Now, off to start on my new project.

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