Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did someone say cake?

It started on Sunday.  This heavy feeling in my chest. While cooking dinner it got worse and I felt like air was not getting into my lungs, so I began breathing deeper I started getting lightheaded. Eeeek!

"Why?" I questioned "Should I make a doctor's appointment?" (yes this was me talking aloud to myself which is probably the second issue in this scary tale)

Then like a bolt of lightening. 

So far this week these have been the feelings, actions and challenges which have befallen me:
Monday = Struggled through work feeling off and needing to take lots of deep breaths
Tuesday am = Tears while taking lots of deep breaths
Tuesday pm = Urge to bake
Tuesday 9pm = Time to bake
Tuesday 11pm = SHIT why did I decide to bake on a school night?
Wednesday 1am = Bloody icing will not set
Wednesday 1:30am = Fall into bed. Birthday? What Birthday? The pain of birthday has been overshadowed by the pending pain of a 6am wake up alarm
Wednesday 7:30am = A mean person on the bus pushed past me and knocked the cake out of my hand and it slammed again the side of the bus causing my cake to now look like it was baked on the San Andreas Fault
Wednesday 8:30am = The entrance of the cake to the office is met with loud applause then shocked looks as to why it has fallen apart
Wednesday 9am = That first bite hit my tounge it was like the relaxation of a day spa in a mouthful and I sat with the girls and chatted about how great it is to be turning X X this year

Heavy feeling gone!

Digella Presents ....

Sometimes only a Nigella Lawson Chocolate Layer Cake with little sugar roses will make it better!

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  1. Oh Digella, it will all be ok and if in doubt, just keep baking!


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