Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marie Antoinette

I love French furniture. I always have, even before it was trendy and I always will, even though it may be seen as passé. I am not talking the hugely ornate kind, I mean simple, elegant pieces touched through a home. The nightstands in my Cottage were imported from France last year and I obtained them shortly after. I was extremely lucky to have found these pieces and pleasantly surprised to find once valued were worth far more than what I paid. Not that I have any intention of ever selling them.

I have found for many years the Marie Antoinette Dining Chairs (thats my name for them) catching my eye and I would love to host a dinner party all done up in this style.

So lets just say I bought some of these chairs, would I get sick of them? Would they look too much? Would it look like an intimate wedding party in my dining room 24 hours a day? And where would I actually find them? I dont know, but if anyone knows please tell me. I can always keep looking at them with longing and dreaming of a Marie Antoinette event.

Found these pics from 100 Layer Cake - great site, check it out if you havent seen it already.


  1. Yes, they are gorgeous and yes, I know where you can get them!!!


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