Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Fat Croation First Holy Communion Mk4 ~ Its O.K.

As every Mummy knows, it sometimes becomes difficult to meet the demands of life. I'm there. And last night when I hit rock bottom a ray of light came in the form of a tweet by Sunny Mummy Stacey and her blog post HERE. I felt exactly the same way! I'm hungry for rest and some 'me' time too. And I too have been through the heart testing, with nothing 'medical' to report. It was stress. And this heart problem comes and goes depending on my stress / tired levels.

I have a major life project on the go at the moment and this is taking a lot of my time and energy, along with work and kids and it was time to slow down. And today I did. I have stayed in my PJs all day. I have watched Breakfast at Tiffanys, Dirty Dancing and Bridget Jones Diary.

Anyway, decided it was time to take a breath and just order a few things in for the Big Fat event and not beat myself up over it. It's coming together, not with my usual strategic coordination which is akin to the Presidents Inauguration, but its going ok.

Little Liana is off to the Family Mass with her Daddy this afternoon to learn all things Catholic and I am staying home. That's ok. I will not stress.

Here are some of the things I picked up at Mama's Home down the road from me in Windsor, Brisbane yesterday.

Paper Eskimo Party Flags (in lieu of the ones I was attempting to sew) these are great because you put them together yourself and can include what ever colours suit!

For the little little ones.

I am still to source some little bottles for strawberry milk for the older girls and some sweet straws. I am sure Sharnel from My Life, My Loves can help and you can follow her on facebook at Sharnel Dollar Designs - complete party stylist.  

{Sharnel Dollar Designs}
Although, I am sure if I fail to deliver on expectations, I will have this to contend with...

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  1. It looks very exciting! I have a heart condition too. It makes me very tired sometimes! Thank you for your helpful comment, I had a look at your room - it's great inspiration. Thanks again..Rachaelxx


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