Friday, May 21, 2010

Event Planning

Huge change of plans on the event front.

No dessert table now. Mainly because everyone will be arriving at the house at the same time! It dawned on me last night while making huge Martha Stewart Pom Poms and I starting thinking about the day's timeline.
Stupid o'clock - Get up, showered, dressed, make up, hair. Children up. Dress miss in her dress, straighten her hair, fit the veil. Dress the boys. Make all beds, tidy house.
7:15 am - Leave home for the Church
8 am - Service begins and my little girl makes her First Communion
9:30 am - Arrive home along with everyone else
9:30 am - Party begins.

So where is the time for set up? Getting everything out of the fridge? Displaying things beautifully on the table? etc ? etc?


So I am just going to do what I can do and this is how it will go.

Adults: Two long tables filled with yummy goodies, tea cups, flowers and hanging pastel pom poms
Children: Coffee tables (child height) covered in all of the above, under a tree in the garden with bright hanging pom poms.

I will have everyone meet in the front garden. Champagne with apricot or peach nectar. Strawberry milk for the children. This should buy me 15-20 mins to boss my sisters around to within an inch of their life to get everything laid out perfectly.  Then I will invite everyone upstairs for the reveal!

Well that's the plan.

Any suggestions are welcomed.


  1. Oh yes, there is NEVER enough time to do all of the "last minute" set up!
    A few sugesstions... decide ahead of time what plate/platter/bowl each and every food item will go in and label them with small sticky notes. This way, when you and your sister are running around with your heads cut off, you wont need to go looking for the serving dishes. Also, lay out the design of how you want the food layed out, and even take a photo of it (with just the empty dishes in place). Often looking at a photo will help you see things differently, and you can make any changes now. Also, then you can save the photo (print it out) and you'll know where you want everything.
    One last idea, any chance you know someone, like a teenage girl, who you coul hire to give you a hand, or even help set some things up while you are all at church? It would be nice if you could enjoy the party too!
    Best of luck!

  2. I hope you have a great time surrounded by your special people.
    I do the sticky note thing too on the dishes. It really helps me to stop stressing!


I enjoy hearing from everyone. Thank you so much!