Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picnic @ Polo

So one event down and I only just have a breath and then I want to organise another.

I am thinking of a picnic at the polo again this year. And the 'man' doesn't like the idea. "Give yourself a break, you will end up doing everything again"

I just wish that I had more friends with the passion, style, commitment and eye for detail that I have. Alas, not!

So maybe I will, or maybe I wont.

But if it do, I have this idea of having individual little picnic hampers for each person.

Everyone would arrive and some mini savoury muffins, little pikelets and perhaps a little sweet slice would be served along with tea and coffee and some juice for the little ones.

Then once everyone is settled in with blankets and chairs set up and the games commence the corks get popped and the fun really begins!

For those who are yet to experience a day at the polo it is similar to a day at the races except you don’t wear heels, lots of people take children and there is an air of casual sophistication. (well for most of the day) you might do a couple of laps of the field while watching the games and the highlight of the day (for some) is the competition to find the lucky horseshoe on the field while stopping the divots – yes, very pretty woman!

So my idea of food this year would be something along the lines of:

Individual little picnic hampers for each person to grab and tour the field.
A small baguette filled with premium small goods, salads and cheese
or maybe a selection of yummy finger sandwiches.
200ml Bottle of Veuve for the big people(although these are hard to come by so it may need to be Moet) or little lemonade bottles filled with juice for the little people
with a straw to match for delicate drinking of both.
Little snippets of cheeses sourced (probably) from Black Pearl Epicure with some lavosh crisp bread.
And a little napkin of course.

Back at the ‘camp’ on return would be a little dessert table with all sorts of treats, some espresso coffee and tea (I have a caterers thermos for these occasions), and of course cupcakes and more champagne.

I love these little lunch boxes which Sharnel has found. SWEET! (I am always stealing her finds - but they are so fantastic and I love them all) I am going to start calling her Shmartha!

From Martha Stewart - For the little ones to have their own little picnic.

I do like the hessian fabric runner.... maybe a little too rustic though.

Very lemon and lime - nice. But a little too elegant for polo.
Cliche I know, but I think a very Ralph Lauren / Country Road / Hampton's scheme would work really well.  But what I am NOT going for is a red, white and blue Star spangled banner look! If anyone sees anything like this, please send it my way!

Now THIS is a picnic basket!

If you would like to know how to make a tablecloth into a picnic basket, (one does question why?)
Martha Stewart can show you how HERE

Motorline BMW Cup - 22 August 2010
Mercedes Cup - 19 September 2010

So I guess you just have to decided if you are a BMW or a Mercedes girl!
If you would like to know more about a Brisbane Polo Club's Motorline BMW Cup go HERE, for what to expect at a day at the polo go HERE if you would like to read Martha Stewart's latest article regarding polo go HERE


  1. I am not sure why I would want my picnic basket to double as a table cloth, but then again, why not!

  2. I just mentioned to Sharnel we should go to the polo and set up a fabulous table but love your idea too! I havent been for years but its so fun and definately a must do this winter x p.s love your blog

  3. I love the children's baskets, a lovely idea for a picnic party..Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  4. Looks like a fabulous day at the gee gees!


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