Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Say Yes Day

So much to post about so will put a list here of things I need to get writing on:

A rave party nightmare neighbour takes on a reformed bad arse bikie (yep Police involved)
School holiday hell
I had a super funky hair cut by my very talented Oscar-Oscar stylist (who also happens to be my Sister)
I'm having breakfast with Maggie Beer!
I had a 'Just Say "yes" day' for the children, which then subjected me to just surviving Movie World and having photographic (21st birthday) evidence of their very bad clothing choices for the day out!
'Just Say "yes" Day' is just one of my fantabulous school holiday tips!
I met up with a beautiful bloggy friend (which was after my hair cut and realised that I may of seemed like a bit of a 'Single White Female' psycho, but her blonde and me brunette) and I hope she doesn't think I am now stalking her!
Can now possibly add Single White Female to my list of psycho star suggestions ;)
I received a blog award from Mrs K at Taylor Made Baking
I have the MOTHER of all giveaways coming up.  Get in now and become a follower to hear it first
I cooked and baked up a storm
I cried. I yelled
I would like to start a movement to include 'cleaning up time' on all recipes (specifically those supplied by Masterchef)

Ok, so that is enough of a list for now.

Photo time!

Some of the highlights of Movie World:

Night Parade in a Bubble Storm at Movie World.
It was exactly like the Gay Mardi Gras
without the Choose Life shirts.
(for $75 / adult I kind of expected the bubbles to be gold plated or at least french!)

Watching my boys lap up the Stunt Show too

One of the sweetest things which unfortunately did not have a happy ending was a series of photos I have taken while riding beside Liana on her first roller coaster ride - The Scooby Doo. I did not know it was going to be THIS bad. Poor little poppet!

When she is nervous she puts her little hands up like this.

You can see the fear just start to creep in here
(at this point I didn't realise the ride was going to get a HELL of a lot worse either)

Yep, that says it all!

Oh, this almost makes me feel like the worst mother in the world
for not knowing just how exhilarating the ride turned out to be!

At the end of the day when we were driving home I asked each of them what the favorite part of the day was. They all said that getting to wear whatever they wanted was fantastic and Liana says "Getting off that ride"

Will update more soon when fully back on bloggy deck!

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  1. This post made me chuckle, I will have to try having a "say yes day" during the holidays. I look forward to reading more about some of your things on the list :)

    Katena x


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