Friday, July 16, 2010

My Sunshine Award

I was delighted to see I had an award awaiting my return from school holidays from Mrs K at Taylor Made Baking. That was so nice and it made me smile.

So, seven things about me.

I didn’t meet my father until I was 14. It was the seventies after all!

I am a 5 star or no star kind of girl. If I am going to pay for accommodation it must be at least the standard I keep at home or better. Otherwise I would prefer to stay in a tent with my own sheets and pillow. I love camping and always take some crystal glasses and french champagne. Even Bear Grylls (Man Vs Wild) would be proud of my fire building skills!

I have six sisters. In order of appearance. Karrie, Tamera, Lachana, Gairley, Lilly, Jessica. No brothers. I then went on to have two sons. (Corey and Addison) What a shock that was. Then one girl (Liana)

Extracurricular teenage activities (apart from boys) included: Girl Guides, Navy Cadets, Surf Lifesaving at Broadbeach Surf Club, ballroom dancing.

I broke my first love’s heart and always regretted that. He was so sweet, funny and handsome. I was 16 and stupid.

“I drive a Volvo” are words I NEVER thought would EVER come out of my mouth. However, I drive a Volvo and I do love it. We call it the Digella-mobile or the Heidi-mobile but we say it like the guy on the Yellow Pages Goggo-mobile ad HERE

The two industries I have worked in throughout my career are: electricity generation (last 6 years) and building / construction from when I left school. I miss building peoples homes, designing rooms and kitchens and choosing colours. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school, I still don't!

And the seventh thing about me is that I really enjoy blogging and my current daily reading list is below in pictures. Click on the links to the blogs and enjoy, like I do every morning.

(Beautiful Style)

(Because she is local to me and I have really enjoyed reading her food adventures)

(She is the party stylist extraordinaire and makes me laugh until I almost pee
and she flatters me when she likes my ideas)

(I try to resist, but she does make me laugh and she calls her work the Coalface and I do too)

(because she is my friend, she has great taste in all things life and she needs to blog more.
I check it every day... but she needs to blog more. Did I say she needs to blog more?)

(Because she is a great twitter-er and she keeps it real)

(she is fast becoming a twitter addict like me and she makes me laugh - oh and great style!)

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Nice to learn a few interesting things about you. I am off to check your blog list now. Enjoy your weekend :)


  2. Interesting read Digella. Thanks for sharing some information about you. I will take a look at your links.


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