Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Fat Croation 70th Birthday Party

So here we are, six sleeps to go before my Mother-in-Law's 70th Birthday party and I am in charge of desserts / cakes.
The Brief

Well that is pretty easy really. But I am still stressed. Why you may ask?
  • I have two of the children in a musical with two performance nights this week (on the opposite side of town)
  • The 'Daddy' is away for work
  • I have a house settlement building inspection to sort
  • A sick dog
  • Work is busy, and
  • Hey I'm a woman - We stress, that's what we do!
Also, I really don't like putting in half an effort. I want it to be nice. It is my present to her after all and she has been the most wonderful mother-in-law, she even sides with me against her son! She is perfect ;)

So I asked her what her favorite colours were without giving her any idea as to what I wanted them for (fingers crossed they aren't too obscure) and she came back with Blue with a hint of Grey.  Well I cant have a blue and grey cake. So what to do, what to do? Maybe she would like yellow/lemon and blue theme instead!

Some of these in a lemony colour

I am hiring some beautiful vessels from Sharnel Dollar Designs to fill with Macarons supplied by Authentic French Macarons.
Maybe filled with Lemon and blueberry macarons

And a some beautifully fresh and crisp lemon cooler like this one here on the table.
Some of my now famous ruffle cupcakes - but in yellow so they look like carnations.
As a little take home favour for the guests.
What do you think?
With a nice blue ribbon or pom pom on top.

She loves my three layer orange cake with cream cheese frosting so I think I may do that.
Or should I just make it easy on myself and go yellow and pink?

Ordering the 'actual' cake as I type from a lovely lady called Melinda. Do not be ashamed of hired help - It is ok, thats how I roll! 


  1. I can't wait to see what you create, it will be fabulous I am sure :)

    Katena x

  2. argh- good one! I think pink and yellow would be fine - just to make it easier on you! I love Sharnel's stuff- I think her blog is just beautiful. I want her to do my wedding and I'm not even engaged yet!

  3. I love that lemon cooler! Where can we get one do you think? Good luck with the cooking, whatever you do will be fabulous! ;-)

  4. Jenny, You can purchase one from Sharnel Dollar Designs. She is just in the process of getting her website up and running and everything will be on the website soon. Very reasonable prices for some magical items which are not currently available in Australia. It is so exciting!


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