Monday, September 27, 2010

Dessert Table Ideas from the 1940s

Can you guess what these little babies are called? More on that later.... 

Over the weekend I decided to exhume my mother-in-law's mother's Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium from its little box and have a look through for any interesting baked ideas.  Whenever I see old cookbooks in book shops etc, I am reminded of Nigella's stories of where she found some of her most prepared dishes and I now look to these tatted books with hope and inspiration.

The Box the book was delivered in.

So I found some really interesting creations. Like this cake adorned with marshmallows, tinned peaches and sponge fingers.... mmmmmm not my kinda cake and I am thinking the beginning of the processed food mothers!

Thrown together cake!

Spider Web Cake

Easy for Halloween!

I have always wanted to make a fluffy icing cake - PERFECTION for Christmas!

So what are those delightful little ice cream cone cake balls in the first image called?

How times have changed. I do not expect to see these labelled 'gaily' on a dessert table any time soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing these tasty delicious deserts .Well,do U have any idea about the any online Indian Groceries Melbourne has?

  2. Haha I remember my mums Woman's Weekly being rife with those tinned peach type desserts. Tres Chic. Times have changed but although the presentation ideas have dramatically improved I agree that there are still a lot of wonderful recipes to be found in vintage cookbooks and magazines.


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