Monday, October 25, 2010

By Special Request: Dim Sim Location

Everyone has been asking so here it is. Sorry if you are not in Brisbane. I would post some to you if I didnt think that the lag in time to get to you may cause food poisoning!

The place I devour the dim sims from is in Post Office Square. It is on the Queen Street side, just down the escalators on the right hand side. Near Subway, opposite the Tort place. Hope this makes sense, I do not know the name.

For $1.50 for a big fat dim sim and $3.00 for Gyoza you will be impressed! They also have a $5.50 meal special which changes daily.

Look, because you are all so keen on it, I might even make a special trip today to obtain the name and take a photo. You know, someone has to do it ;)

Check back this post later today.

Here it is:

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