Thursday, October 21, 2010

Digella Devourers Dim Sims

For the last little while I have been feeling a little off. The only way I can describe it is that I feel like I am sitting in an old church, reflecting and praying, I can look out the through the beautiful coloured windows and see light, but it just isn’t hitting me at the moment. And I am not quite ready to leave the sanctuary of the church.

When I feel like this I find solace Nigella-esk style in food. Curry, ragu, pasta, cakes, tasty flavours, well anything other than salad really which is what I love to eat most days. But I have been yearning for more than that.

Now those who know me well know that there are two things I don’t do:
1. Packet cake mixes; and
2. Food courts

On Monday when J a colleague told me about this good Japanese take away joint in a food court I was torn. Tasty Japanese food YES, Food court NO! But my mood dictated its wants and off we went.

My eyes lit up like Christmas morning when I saw the retrolicious, big, fat chicken dim sim and I knew I was home. I had not had one of these beauties since they went out of fashion in the 90s. It was good. DAM GOOD! So this is how my work day dining has gone over this week...

The Dim Sim

Chicken dim sim
Chicken dim sim and bowl of Japanese style vegetables
Chicken dim sim x two
Chicken dim sim and packet of gyozas

Today (Thursday) I was embarrassed. I rocked up to the counter today the young boy said “Hi, dim sim?” ummm "Yes".

Then I swung back past the inconvenience store and picked up a pack of Zappos. Those chewy lollies rock my world and I am plan to eat the whole packet. That's how I roll.

Hopefully this mood will pass soon enough because I do not what to have to own up to frequenting a food court and I need to work on getting rid of the arse I have grown this week.

P.S. I even changed my font for this post to show how out of sorts I really am.


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit off. Sometimes it is ok to feel a bit sad though- you know where to find me if you need to unload! A dim sim will probably help you though, and I'd suggest some chicos and strawberry and creams ( and maybe a few milk bottles and pineapples) instead of Zappos! Where is this magical tasty japanese hidden in a food court?

  2. Don't feel guilty, we all do it! You will feel on top of the world next week! Mimi x

  3. OK I Shall have a dim sim too AND a packet of zappos cos I am a recovering sugarholic who refuses to give up again until AFTER I have met you in person! Too much fun to be had between now and then. PS Sending you sunshine x

  4. Hi Digella, I know what you mean.. I hope the sunshine comes through those windows and warms your face soon :)

    ps - the next instalment of my cookbook of the month special will be coming soon!

  5. Oh thanks everyone.

    GG: I tried the strawberries and creams. A whole pack.
    Mimi: I know you are right, next week will be better
    Sunnymummy: You better be back on sugar when I see you! Crazy lady.
    Ladybird: I have been checking every hour, on the hour for your latest blog post. Can not wait!

    All: Well I didnt eat a dim sim today. I had a salad. Good! Then three pieces of shingle inn cake (it was a birthday cake for work friend) then two cans of Coke Zero. Ummm.. I dont drink coke. Then took the kids to hunt out an old style take away food place and swallowed a steak burger with THE LOT!

    What the hell! Next week will be better. And walking, running, riding my way through the week. :)

  6. So - will you be sharing the location of the dimsum addiction? :) Hope you are feeling better and on top of all things soon x

  7. Thanks for the invitation, sounds great. I had a look on the website but couldn't find any info on the Friday meeting.
    If you let me know what time I would love to come. Have an appointment at 9am, so hope that doesn't clash.

  8. Me again. Just found the link, unfortuantely hubby has a work do on that night, bummer. Maybe next time.
    But thank you for asking. :-)

  9. These sound so yum. I may be super vague, but which food court were these from? :)


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