Sunday, November 7, 2010

Advice on Blogging

One thing I have learnt about blogging; only ever share a snippet of your world, what delights you, what you love... but keep a lot to yourself.

What you see here is a true me, but just a part of me.

Always protect yourself and your heart.

A pic I took at Divine Flowers
Digella-lama ;)


  1. It's both a blessing and curse isn't it. I'm so thankful that I've got a few years of daily life to look back on but at the same time I worry about what might happen if it's in the wrong hands.

    I actually came on to thank you for telling me about the Coorparoo Markets! We travel a long way each fortnight to get fresh fruit and vege so it's nice to know there might be a closer alternative. Can't wait to check it out.

  2. So so true Miss Digella.

    I'm so hoping the Coorparoo markets are good!! Please tell me they are good??


  3. Well said Digella.. Blogging does have it's downside.. Rachaelxx

  4. amen sista
    wonder if hubby is going to read this?


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