Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A present from Bubble and Sweet

What a delightful and lovely unexpected surprise it was to have Linda from Bubble and Sweet send to me a little box of the most delightful macarons and chocolate cookies!

They are seriously amazing. The girls in the office actually squealed when they were delivered.

Let me tell you, those chocolate cookies are seriously the best I have EVER tasted. Linda has actually shared her recipes for these HERE.

The macarons are perfectly formed and melt in your mouth loveliness. I have decided I LOVE macarons!

Gosh some people are so talented and thoughtful.

So yummy!

Make sure you visit Bubble and Sweet. Thank you Linda xoxox

On a little side note. I have added this Feedjit thingy to my blog. It is so fun to watch. Would you believe that my blog is read in Niger? I do not even know where that is.

 Oh and check this out! Shot this photo from my riverside desk today.

Pigs mightn't fly, but today on Melbourne Cup Day, horses do!


  1. some people are so talented!! Bet that was a delight to receive.

  2. So glad you enjoyed them, how funny is that feedjit thingy. I think I'd spend the whole day watching where people were coming and going.


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