Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Capers Issue 1 - Wrapping

I am stressed. I wont lie. I am normally so much more organised than this. Truly.

But my blogging, work, children, new friends, old friends and real estate happenings have distracted me a lot.

Saturday's storm in Brisbane caused local havoc in my 'burb. The rain came so hard and fast I did not have time to close all of my windows at the same time and all of my beautifully wrapped presents got soaked. (well all six of them, two for dogs and four for me. Yes as you can guess I am WAY behind.) But I didn't really like the style I first thought up this year, so that gives me a chance to change it.

Anyway, I am loving this idea over at Concrete and Honey and I think this wrapping and me can make Christmas pinkoful!

I am going to action probably the first one, because the second one looks far too complex for my current state of mind.

What is everyone else doing? Send me photos and links if you dare!


  1. Hey- have scheduled a post for tomorrow with photos of my wrapping. P.S - you rated a mention!

  2. Oh you sound as busy as me, so this year I just used what I had here already. Here are a few of my wrapped gifts :
    Looking forward to meeting you on Friday..xox

  3. wow they look gorgeous. to be honest I've never thought of styling Christmas presents - despite 5 years of wrapping pressies at David Jones! I just use whatever bits of wrapping paper I can find, normally at midnight on Christmas eve. Will be a bit more organised this year hopefully :)

  4. OMG! Are you sure we're not misplaced twins? Do you realise you have less than 6 degrees of separation from Oprah??? Me too! A friend in Melbourne is neighbours with the lady who hosted Oprah for dinner on Friday night!!! We're practically Oprah's new besties ;-)))

  5. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed in the Christmas department this year too. We don't even have our tree up yet!! It's horrible.

    Love the wrapping ideas. For a "super fast idea" you could even put small gifts in brown paper bags, fold over and then tie on the crepe paper.

  6. I'm the same this Xmas, its so not me! you have been a busy girl as noticed on face-book hahaha by the way love the wrapping xx


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