Monday, January 17, 2011

Baked Relief Hits the Streets - Sunday

If you have photos of your Baked Relief efforts please email them to

This is what a couple of us achieved today.

Me and Rachel and Drift. There was a tweet "Drift at Coronation Drive needs #bakedrelief"
We were there within 10 minutes. That's quicker than Domino's Pizza!
Very quickly we realised there was no food, no bbq cooking and no shade. And 50+ people.
Within 25 minutes Baked Relief CEO(me) and Rosalee Branch President (Rachel) had much needed shade, beautiful savouries and sweets and lots of cheer to get them through the day.

Meanwhile over at Mt Ommaney Kay and her friend were peddling their Baked Relief food and water to some hard working people in a shopping village. Many hadn't eaten all day!

I spread some Baked Relief cheer to these Energex guys. I traded them for access to the street which was blocked off. 
One guy said "You're fucking awesome"
Which I believe losly interprets to "Wow, how delightfully fantastic"

And how about these Baked Relief Heros!


  1. Hi, do you know where people may be volunteering today? Im not working and was going to make some lunches and treats to take around but i don't know where to go?

  2. You have done one amazing job Danielle, what an angel you are! ;-)

  3. Just love it...but the years are starting again!!!! xx

  4. Um that would *tears!!!! Lol

  5. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! You are doing such a wonderful thing. These pics brought tears to my eyes and your interpretation of 'you are $#@%&$# awesome', just made me giggle. Congratulations!! ~ Tina xx

  6. This is WONDERFUL, what a great post! tears mixed in with laughter about the ***!# statement too! Loved this post..

  7. We are baking tmrw!!! I am also posting this on my facebook as I have had many people asking about it!!!


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