Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baked Relief Hits the Streets

For up to date requests and locations monitor twitter
@digellabakes and @melkettle
as requests are coming through all the time.
This blog will be updated Sunday 8am

~On Sat 16 Jan - #bakedrelief trended in the Top 5 tweets in Australia~

As I was driving by the industrial area I thought they look like they deserved a little treat.
They loved it down in Rocklea!
They have a huge task ahead, the lady second from the left is the owner.
They have lost everything.

Great to see the younger ones getting into it too, lead by mum, but still got the smiles!

1st Purchase with Baked Relief Funds
I bought water. Water you may ask?
Do you know how many tweets I got today calling DESPERATELY for water? This is concerning.

2nd Purchase with Baked Relief Funds

While buying water I met a man covered in mud who has lost everything in the flood. They were renting with no insurance. Him and wife have 1 year old. He was buying a BBQ chicken, some bread and fruit at Sherwood Coles. With money from baked relief funds, I bought his food and threw in a $50 gift card for tomorrow to buy more. He gave me a hug! I cried!

Thank you everyone for your amazingly amazing job today. The tweets are coming in soooo fast with the hashtag #bakedrelief that I can barely keep up.



  1. Great work, Digella. I baked chocolate cake this afternoon. Wasn't able to deliver it today as Hubby was out helping clean up at New Farm. Hoping to deliver it tomorrow before the family are wise to it. I promise it is nothing like my awful white chocolate rocky road! ;-)

  2. we took apples and drinks ( water, coke, gatorade, iced tea) and gave out to volunteers and home owners in 2 streets. The response was nothing short of amazing. Many hadn't eaten all day and while ( where we were) waterbottles were plentiful, many just wanted to drink something a little different...bit of a sugar hit maybe?

    We also gave our lovely old landlady ( who lost lots in the bottom level of her house) some timtams, cake, fruit and a $50 gift card. Emotions ran high!

    We also ran into many others delivering food and drinks as well,including amazing baked relief items, and patted them all on the back! When you have literally thousands of people slogging it out to clean the mess, there is such a need for supplies. Thank you to all all who are working so hard, baking, cooking, delivering, and to all the volunteers working in houses and businesses. The community spirit and compassion is so heartwarming.

    And thank you Digella for inspiring us all with a way to help x

  3. LOVE LOVE everyone's efforts, with two little ones at home it has been great to find a way I can help!

  4. Hi Digella, I have delivered baked relief goodies today and will do more in the days ahead. What a wonderful idea, so simple yet so very, very effective!! I hope someone is keeping you fed so your energy levels don't wain - Brisbane needs you!! Kind Regards, Melissa McKenzie

  5. Am impressed and inspired! Our baking starts tomorrow!!

  6. Love your work Digella! (love your name (also) Im onto your passion to feed the beautiful people of our SE corner of Q.Very keen to get to Grantham ASAP, as soon as directed.

  7. Honey, you are an inspiration. I live on the Gold Coast & don't have access to a car most days so unfortunately I can't help out with distributing food. I can however offer weekend retreat in the form of 2 free nights in share accommodation, with hearty meals, hugs & friendship included to couples & families in need of some time out to recharge batteries & recuperate. I have 1 double bedroom & 1 single bed available in a resort style complex & my family & I would love to help make a difference if possible. Please let me know if you come across anyone who could use this. Wishing you all the best.


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