Friday, January 14, 2011

Baked Relief Update ~ Phase 2


@digellabakes with hashtag #bakedrelief


If you want to help but cant bake or live far away, you can give towards ingredients for my helpers to cook and bake more and more over the coming weeks. Go HERE to give

Here is South East Qld we are moving to Phase 2 of this crisis - The clean up!

#1 Community Support

It you live near an affected area take your Baked Relief and some hand sanitizer down to the clean up crew! THEY WILL THANK YOU!

There are small communities setting up working bees around Brisbane and if you can find out where they are, take a table down there and set up some treats, this will sure bring a smile to their faces.

Some lollies for the kids, some fruit and cordial will all be very much appreciated!

#2 Clean Up Hubs Launch & Drop Off Locations

Clean up has begun. These are the locations being set up. Please remember tomorrow is the official DAY 1 of BAKED RELIEF. But they have started cleaning today, so check out what you can do. And check back here or on twitter for latest updates. NOTE: Take hand sanitizer with you, we dont want Volunteers to get sick!

YERONGA - 200-250 people today (Friday) cleaning up The Esplande, Yeronga, down by the river. Need food, drinks and this will be ongoing. Please help!

WEST END - Cnr Melbourne and Boundry Streets (table set up from Sat AM)

BULIMBA - Oxford Street

FAIRFIELD - Cnr Fairfeild and Venner Roads (best access via Ipswich road then Venner Road)

SHERWOOD - Johnstone Street

ROSALIE - Near shops, not sure exact location at this stage.


Through twitter I have also learned of these two locations for drop off to get to the SES and volunteers:

Nexus office: 151 Flockton, Everton Park by 5pm Friday or btwn 7-8am Saturday

Citypointe Church, Wecker Road, Carindale.

#3 Volunteering Queensland

This team of people are working hard and long to take calls for volunteers for the clean up. They are taking one call every few seconds from a small office in Brisbane CBD. They are working SOOO hard.

Through the Brisbane Food Bloggers group on twitter have coordinated hot home cooked meals for them over the weekend. THIS IS FANTASTIC!

If you can bake a morning tea / afternoon tea style food for 20-25 people and drop into Brisbane CBD, please contact me. Please also shoot me an email of any Baked Relief you have provided, I love hearing of the difference we are making, it keeps me going on hardly any sleep!

Love is kindness with its work boots on! (or is it gum boots? ;)

Words of Support for Baked Relief


From @dannnnn
to a wonderful girl who gave us homemade scones when we were cleaning a flooded house in new farm: thankyou, you made our day! #bakedrelief

From @visualabode
I've never heard so many adults yell out 'cookie'! #bakedrelief

From @monkylicious
Volunteering Qld office sooo happy to see REAL FOOD! they have some vegos, dairy and gluten free there too. #bakedrelief

From @davekerridge
People just keep coming to my door to donate food and drink for tomorrow!! so amazing!!! #bakedrelief

From Mark Creyton, Manager, Volunteering Queensland Inc.:
Wow !!! Danielle I think this evenings meal will be a highlight of the week for us – the sweet food in the morning was also awesome. Can you pass on our thanks M
From Louise:
We personally took the stuff to the people of West End and New Farm. We had steed capped wellos donated by my husband's work and myself, my 13 year old son and his mate braved the goop and made so many people realise that they are not forgotten.

From Tamai:
Hi there - I have a friend in Brisbane who was at a loss as to what she could do, but now is totally focussed, thanks to your blog and fantastic idea - if only I was closer I would be baking 24/7! - hopefully you/me & others can spread the word and help those that are in need! We live outside of Tenterfield in northern NSW and were flooded out of home for the week - but are grateful for the support, beds and home cooked meals we were provided while waiting to get back home. There is nothing like a home cooked meal and your own bed!!

I am getting approx 200 emails + tweets + Facebook messages every day. Dont get sad if I dont respond straight away. I am doing the best I can and I value everyone!


  1. Awesome work! I know you're surviving on little sleep, but don't forget to take care of you! Your 'team' needs you! Wish I could help, but can't (I'm in Canberra). Spreading the word though through FB and Twitter (as if it needs more spreading!).
    Good luck!

  2. This is totally love in practical action.
    I love it.. thankyou.
    Sharing the link today xx

  3. I just had a little cry reading your blog. Champion effort my lovely. Baking, sandwich making and cups of tea are my 'volunteering' speciality...


  4. Great! Something I can do to help! Fruit cakes are a cookin' as I type.... next on the list- Anzacs... thankyou.

  5. Great job organising all of this! I am bringing a big slab of banana bread from my Aunty at Cafe Sorrento, and trying to organise other food donations to bring from the Gold Coast tomorrow morning. Will most likely drop it at West End.

  6. Fantastic idea!! Just catching up on your blog and finding out I've missed a lot. Thoughts are with your family.

    It's so nice to know that us pregnant Mummies with toddlers at our heels can still be of help!

  7. What an inspiration. Hope to join you this weekend.

  8. Fabulous idea Digella.
    Will gather supplies tomorrow for baking on Sunday and drop-off on Monday. Shall check back to confirm location points. Baking is something I know I can do and this mammoth clean-up will take months.
    Hope your family is ok.

  9. We went to Venner Rd, Fairfield today and you are right - the volunteers couldn't believe we did that! Feels good to help in some way. Keep up the great work!

  10. My baking is done and boxed and I headed over to you to find a drop off point in Ipswich...any ideas? I will take it to the evac centre if you aren't sure. Lisa x


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