Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baked Relief

@digellabakes with hashtag #bakedrelief

It feels like the end of days for some. My heart goes out.

My boys are isolated with my Mum at the family farm between Helidon and Gratham (the HOT spot) they are safe but have lost a lot. Members of my family have lost EVERYTHING. Some lives are lost too.

So while I was sitting here needing to do something I came up with an idea to begin a baked relief for our SES volunteers.

So last night through Twitter and Facebook I launched my Baked Relief hash tag and offers of baking help came flooding in.

These SES guys and girls are working hard through the night to make sandbags for preservation of homes.

I took up some supper to them last night at 11pm. Some I baked and some from people I had never met, only through twitter.

When I dropped off the baked relief the SES supervisor said "Really, you did this for us?" I was more touched that I have ever felt. They were so grateful.

Through my baked relief efforts other bloggers and friends and family have baked and delivered goods to the SES and our to the evacuation centers. And their lives have been touched too.

It has gone viral and I was contacted for a live interview on a Canberra radio station. They were touched too, by the work we are doing to bring cheer to this situation.

Here are a list of places to take baked goods.

Guyatt Park, Bryce Street, St Lucia

Botticelli Street Park, Botticelli Street, Fig Tree Pocket

Hawthorne Park, Cnr Park and Oak Street, East Brisbane

Perrin Park, Josling St, Taringa

Darra Works Depot, Shamrock Rd, Darra

Morningside Works Depot, Redfern Street, Morningside

Newmarket SES Depot, Wilston Rd, Newmarket (in carpark off Erneton Street)

Zillmere Works Depot, Jennings Street, Zillmere

Stafford Works Depot, Turner Road, Kedron
Arana Hills

James Drysdale Reserve, Cnr Jinker Track & Bunya Road, Bunya

Bribie Island
208-224 First Avenue, Bongaree

27 Wararba Drive, Caboolture

Deception Bay
24 Old Bay Road

3 Woonara Drive

Portwood Street

CONTACT SES HERE to check other locations

If you can get there safely, please take some cheer to these hard workers. It will mean a lot.

Well I am off to bake another batch, boil some drinking water and eat some fruit while I still have some because I don't think I will be eating fresh fruit and veg for a while.

Also, you can email me on if you would like contact me direct.

Update 13 Jan 10am: My children and mum are still stuck in Lockyer Valley, no electricty, no milk, running out of food. Hopefully they will be out soon!

What can you bake?

They love brownies (cut them into little pieces to go further) piklets, scones... that comfort style food that makes you think of home!

Walk them around to the troops, they dont always get time for a break... you will hear "Thank you" hundreds of times over.

Also, we can direct our support to evac centers now too... lets bring spread our cheer EVERYWHERE!

"This might break our hearts, but it will not break our will" Anna Bligh 11/1/11


  1. What a generous idea - well done! Glad to hear your family are safe, I was thinking about your little church out towards Toowoomba - Is it still there? ;-)

  2. I've taken 1 lot and have 4 more chocolate cakes ready to go. Waiting on a friend to call so I can take hers too. Great idea :)

  3. Such quick thinking last night while I was sleeping, I am touched by your thoughtfulness. It is these types of acts of kindness that will help our community pull through.

  4. That's devastating! My heart goes to you, your family and all of QLD. I hope you & your family stay safe! What a wonderful idea!

  5. This is such a fabulous thing for you to be doing. Wish I was closer so I could help out. Stay safe and hoping you have your boys back with you soon.

    Katena xxx

  6. what a great and fabulous idea, the perfect thing for mummies and people to do from home and help! I've been wanting to send my best ever brownies up there but am too far! will share on my fb now as I have some brisbane readers up there

    I think I'd cry dropping off, these people aren't protecting their own homes they are out helping others

    I'm so sorry to hear your family has been affected, the rest of australia is just feeling so sad and worrie for everyone up there.

  7. Thankyou, you have inspired me. Baking as we speak.

  8. this is such a fabulous idea. I would love to do some baking to help!!
    Do you know where it can be dropped for ses workers working in Caboolture or Strathpine areas... we are in between and not sure either is accessible at present.

  9. The Kedron SES gang loved the baked good we dropped off. It seemed they only had sausages and fruit, so they appreciated the damper, brownies, cupcakes and banana bread I baked. Am now rallying my neighbours to do the same! Thanks to Digella for inspiring us all!

  10. What a wonderful thing you have done. So thoughtful...amazing.


  11. Thanks for the prompting! I just reposted on facebook both business and personal. Let's keep the muffins coming :)


  12. Digella, you are truly amazing. I wish I was closer so I could help out. Unfortuantly all I can offer is money. Yes its needed, but I wish I could offer something to those volunteers. Stay safe everyone. This is only the beginning. There is a long rocky road to over come yet and I hope we can help you all get through it. Throught and prayers from WA

  13. Such a wonderful way to help the amazing volunteers.

    I wish i lived closer and was able to help physically.

  14. Such a wonderful idea. I will get baking first thing, well, after I go and get some supplies.

  15. Wonderful inspiration Digella !
    I am going to find the closest to the Gold Coast & bake tommorow for them.

  16. Oh I only wish I was nearby and could help. I can't think of more worthy recipients for home-baking.

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. I have forwarded this post on to a few friends who are bakers in Brisbane (all of whom are OK themselves), I hope some more baking comes out of it.

    LM x

  17. What a fantastic idea. Also so sorry to here that your family has been also touched by this tragedy, but it is good they are safe.

  18. thank you for this brilliant idea- i was sitting here feeling so useless, like i should be helping but not knowing how. I will bake today adn drop off to my local point. Thank you for this!

  19. Way to go. Will link to you soon.

  20. Hi There

    Lovely idea. I just thought I'd let everyone know that I drove around to the SES Centre at Botticelli Street Park, Botticelli Street, Fig Tree Pocket this morning, or at least tried to. They are under water so don't try to make it down to them. There is no way in.



  21. Oh you are marvellous and so very strong!! You have given me something I can do right now from where I live at Bribie I thought I was too far away to be any direct help until the flood waters subside, this is good.
    Best wishes to you and your little family, I hope you get to hold them in your arms very soon. Kiss Noises Linda

  22. Hey,

    My husband just said he read on the Interwebs somewhere that they're not accepting donations at evacuation centres, but I'm not sure if that means food donations... I'm going to try to check it out though as I have 5 x my normal brownie recipe in the oven as we speak.

    Such a great idea. Thanks!

    - Kellee.

  23. That is a fabulous idea! Hope you don't mind but I'm going to link it to an Aussie Mummy Blogger's thread to share ideas on how to help practically!

  24. Pretty sure the Morningside Works Depot isn't bagging sand anymore.

  25. Thanks for the inspiration! Have just baked muffins, bread rolls and made some pizzas to take down to the crew at Morningside Depot.

  26. Hi there. We just dropped of nearly 70 choc chip muffins at Morningside but couldn't get past BCC - they said "awe but we work hard too" - yes but you are being PAID to work - hmmm..... I sincerely hope the muffins and the nappies that we dropped off get to those who need them most. Wonderful idea tho.

  27. Wow. This post brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful project and stay safe qld'rs. My thoughts and best wishes are with you all.

  28. What a fabulous idea! I have Tweeted about it and put a link on Facebook (business Twitter and Facebook page). I think everyone will love the idea of something constructive that they can do to help. I'm writing a newsletter for our online gift site, Kindred Gifts, at the moment and will mention it on there too. Our wishes go to all your family and friends too at this devastating time.

  29. Thanks for taking the initiative to create Baked Relief - it's a lovely idea ... but there is no-one at the Bribie Island location either yesterday afternoon or this morning.

  30. I entirely agree. We did a street BBQ at Rosalie on Friday and people were so focused on working they would forget to eat. Sometimes you have to just walk up to someone and say "Have you eaten? Would you like this?" and they would actually realise they HADN'T eaten and were so appreciative of such a small gesture. @fmll

  31. Does anyone know the address for the Oxford Street, Bulimba Hub, I drove around but couldn't find it, I managed to find a drop off point at the Yeronga School though that welcomed my baked goods.

  32. So sorry to hear that you have been separated from your children, and that many of your family have been affected. I would love to be involved and would appreciate an update on where the best place is to drop baked goods in the east brisbane area. Previous comments have mentioned that Morningside is not the best place to go, although it's closest to me. Any other suggestions? Mum and I are hitting the kitchen tomorrow.

  33. Fantastic idea! Just heard you on abc radio. Blown away by what a down-to-earth and practical contribution you are making. Will be sure to post links for you. Kudos! x x L.

  34. Brilliant! I'll see what I can do to mobilise some baking mamas too :-)

  35. The helpers at Northey Street City Farm loved the muffins and I will be doing more baking this week for other groups. Love the idea!

  36. Hi Digella,

    My family & I made sandwiches with donations from Coles for some of it, we then took them all up to the workers in the Brisbane clean up at West End, it was such a rewarding experience to help those who are helping others in need.

    This weekend we are taking biscuits up, but most likely to one of the evac centres, do you have any suggestions as to which one is in great need of some food?

    Could you please email me with your advice to

    Thanks very much, you are doing a fabulous job.

    Hayley Howell
    Gold Coast

  37. Fabulous idea...saw you on A Current Affair this week. I am from Brisbane and was flood impacted on our lower level. I will be baking for this appeal. I have also linked to your blog from mine requesting others consider baking or donating for ingredients.



  38. Hi I tried to add this to my facebook but was blocked due to the spam filter.You can send them (facebook a message)explain that its for a charity.Keep up the good work Kerry

  39. Kerry you are a huge sweetheart.


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