Friday, January 7, 2011

Caught in the Rain ~ No Pina Coladas though

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all of that. If you are in Brisbane you will understand how sick of the rain we are all getting. There was a thunder storm, at 8am this morning. I was caught in it.

And the floods, horrendous. Really sad. I am scared of those swimming snakes.

Now, lets get down to business.


So much love and joy around me... which could be why I haven't baked or blogged for so long and the fact that I have been totally distracted.

Rebecca (my boss) had her little bubby... Olivia Harper on 23 December.

Then Tracey's boyfriend decided he should put a ring on it! And he proposed on Christmas Day.

Then a day or so later and totally in love Claire from Claire Lousie Bridal gets engaged!  I can not wait to see what beautiful dresses (yes dresses plural) she comes up with.

Then, Bianca founder of Peekabook Magazine brought sweet and beautiful Heidi into the world yesterday.

So much love, so much joy!

And my heart has been touched.  It is wonderful.

There is just so much to rabbit on about.... yet so much to be left unsaid.

But I take heed and caution in the wise words of Bridget Jones:
It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.
I will leave you with favorites of my 2010 Christmas & New Year's Photo Collection from all Family Events. NB: Not in order because blogger is playing up with my loading pics.

Me and my little nephew at my sister's house Christmas Morning.
I dressed up like a Christmas decoration.. see!

My ex husband's wife and I exchanged gifts.
We each got a tea towel set and a kitchen utility.
I gave her Donna Hay, that's how I roll.

Boxing day in the home which has been in our family since the early 80s
Our Fruit Cocktails.... in jelly.

New Year's Eve we held at Bad Taste night.
My niece on the right, is 12. BAD TASTE!

My sister Lachana with my daughter Liana at the beach.

At the family home on Boxing day... look at the bubba's face, his name is Emile.

My Little Christmas cake.... Pink and Green. Just how I like it.



  1. those pics are great -thanks for sharing! And yes, so much love! I have two gorgeous friends who had babies in December and another who is due any day now.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time over the festive season.

    Congratulations to all of your friends, engagements and new babies, how wonderful :)

    I do hope the rain eases up in Qld soon.

    Katena x

  3. all these babies- so much to catch up on by the sounds! x


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