Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Offices of Baked Relief

Through the Brisbane floods and clean up I was on the run a lot. Lucky I like being a busy person.

I was in and out of flood affected areas, my car was covered in flood mud, my feet got dirty and once even some mud got splashed on my face. All in all it was gross.

The running of Baked Relief was required everywhere and all of the time. It was so fast moving, you would not believe it even if I was to try to explain. But my phone and PC needed to be with me 24/7.

Here are some of the spots Baked Relief has set up office in the last month! (yes, it has only been a month, but feels like years.)

The Digellamobile. (first Friday after the flood)

Westin Hotel Sydney (Friday last week)
More about this in a post soon ;)

A hospital in Brisbane (Friday this week)

Hospital? I hear you ask. Well I have picked up a very bad stomach eating virus or bacteria which will be reviled tomorrow morning when the results come in. It was bad. Very bad. What I have learned is just go to the Doctor to make sure everything is ok. Dont be too brave about this stuff.

So I will be here until things in my tummy are more normal. I have not been able to eat food since Monday. Fingers crossed I get out by Monday as I have a very big, fancy smancy event in Sydney which I will relieve soon too.

Thank you all.


  1. Aren't the nurses tsk tsking at you & telling you to get some rest? Get well soon!

  2. Hi Digella, When I awoke this morning you were in my thoughts and now I find you are unwell and in hospital. Please look after yourself, you need to be well for yourself, family and others. You have been remarkable. You inspire me. Mimi xx

  3. Gosh, not good - I hope you are well again soon. Take care and looking forward to hearing about your surprise in Sydney. ;-)

  4. I hope you are recovering fast! You've done so well in helping people all over the area.

  5. Hoping you are ok really soon Danielle! x

  6. I hope you are feeling much better this morning and are out of hospital! You are doing awesome work but don't forget to look after yourself first. Good luck with your fancy smancy event!


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