Monday, May 16, 2011

Ideas Festival 2011

On Sunday 22 May 2011 I will be presenting Blogs and Baking: How can food bring a community together?

We have a story to unfold which links our lives together and I am using photos to take everyone on the journey which has brought us to were we are now and how food and family and community grow.

Like Tess Curran quoted in the Baked Relief article in Peppermint Magazine

“From the outpouring of kindness we can all take heart, and remember that even those who have lost everything have gained one thing: Community.”

It has taken days for me to put together the presentation. It has been an emotional time, to say the least. Just reliving all the photos, stories, hugs, laughs and tears. So much trauma, yet so much hope and inspiration.

Truly amazing.

If you come along, it will also be a chance to meet other people involved in the Baked Relief journey and hear their stories first hand.

Through twitter this week, I thought I would post a photo every day of one of the images I will share on Sunday. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed. @bakedrelief @digellabakes

To see a PDF of all the sensational sessions from the Ideas Festival, go HERE

I am also attending:
Big Love: Will Manogamy Continue to Prosper?
Extreme Architecture: Can Architects Future-Proof us Against Fire and Flood?
Inclusive Australia: Is There a Place for Profit in Social Enterprise?
Modern Trends: Can Fashion Drive Positive Social Change?
Predicting Happiness: Does Life Give Second Chances?
Surburban Tales: From Ordinary to Extraordinary (we will hear from Sue Kennedy from Heart Army!)

What a great State Government initiative, and all sessions are free!

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  1. How exciting D. Am hoping to get down and watch you work your magic xx


I enjoy hearing from everyone. Thank you so much!