Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PJ Relief - Baked Relief Project

Today Baked Relief, along with Brisbane Adoption / The Heart Army have launched the Warm a Child PJ Relief Project.

Brisbane Adoption / The Heart Army is working with more than 700 registered families to assist them to get their lives back to normal after the natural disasters in Queensland in the Summer of 2010/2011.

Baked Relief was a movement started in Brisbane initially providing food to emergency services, and volunteers and flood affect families during the early stages of the flood clean up.

These two groups have joined forces on the PJ relief project because the share the same ideals and values of assisting families in a nurturing way.

We have spent time talking and supporting each other and talking about what we can do to help families more. Baked Relief has been working with Brisbane Adoption to target and meet any needs we can with regard to cookbooks, baking needs, kitchen appliances and anything kitchen or cooking related to help lift their spirits. This has been an amazing discovery! Those who love cooking and baking instantly smile when we take them a cookbook or some baking tins. But sometimes there is a little more outside our ‘kitchen scope’ we can do!

We have partnered with Brisbane Adoption / The Heart Army to get new pajamas for children to keep them warm in the cold. Go to their website HERE

About The Heart Army

The Heart Army is a collective group of passionate and determined individuals who have all come together to assist our fellow Australians after the wake of the 2011 floods and cyclones that devastated much of Queensland. Whilst The Heart Army work in conjunction with a number of wonderful charities, we are an independent charity who rely solely on the support of the public for donations of goods, services and monetary assistance.

How does a school get involved?

We are looking to team with schools (primary and high school) to advertising this project in their newsletters and websites. Arrange a collection period, a two week campaign is a good is a period of time to run this.

Encourage parents to purchase the size and gender that their child would wear. This ensures a good cross section for the children we are helping.

Email Danielle Crismani on and provide a contact number and we can get the project on the way for your school.

How can families get involved?
Purchase some new pjs, again your child’s size and gender and drop them at one of our collection points listed below or send them to:

Baked Relief PO Box 3175, Newmarket Q 4051

Victoria Lenton (Baked Relief) – 31 Percival Terrace, Holland Park.

ABC Brisbane – 15 Lissner Street, Toowong.

If you have been flood affected, please get in contact with us. We can offer you cookbooks, Pjs and put the call out for any kitchen related items for you! Also, go to the Heart Army website to register and they can help you start your life again!

I am off to do some very special deliveries today to some lovely ladies out in Oxley! YAY

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