Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mini Break #1

This weekend eight of my of coolest family and friends packed up and headed for Stradbroke Island.

We got a great deal on a three level modern house overlooking the water.  We love it and would love to come back, but more than one of us have commented on the issue of baby proofing the open staircase. I guess it will be a few years before we bring Baby Bear back after the crawling stage! So many things to get my head around again.

We have been eating, napping, beaching, walking and the others have been enjoying many varied alcoholic beverages while I sip juice.

We have eaten extremely well. We split the meals and everyone teamed up to provide a brunch or dinner. Last night was my night and I made duck curry and brought over the Hummingbird Three Layer Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting. SUPER YUM AND EASY! I put the word out on twitter for a good recipe and I have five tried and tested ones to choose from. I am going to try them all over the coming month or so.

Barge on way over (for those who dont know, Stradbroke can only be accessed by barge over Moreton Bay)
Walking to the beach... it was a long walk home! 

First time Baby Bear has come to the beach. Dont worry, I did not swim. There were no hump back whales showed up on this occasion.

 More to come after our planned feast tonight. There is something of pork belly, lamb rack and some prawn thing happening. I have heard lots of banging and cooking and BBQing and shopping going on. We also have a fish to cook which was caught on the beach this afternoon! Impressive hunter gathering going on there!

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