Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cause I'm posh like that!

The school pick up.

For the non mums out there you need to understand this is the fashion statement venue of the day.

It's important. You can go as "the frumpy Kmart mum" with fantastic baby spew stains or "the designer slave mum" complete with matching handbag to key ring in Louis Vuitton or "the over accessorised mum" which has put on lots of good things to try and look cool but just comes across as a try hard.

I am generally the last one, but in the mornings when I don't have to leave the car I am the first one. I will never be the designer one, although I do have matching Oroton handbag and key ring, but the key ring broke in 2008.

So this is what I wore to the pick up today, I had matching coloured bangles and thongs.. The feet kind, not the bum kind.

It's some Italian glass thing which sounds like that IUD merina and I always end call it that knowing its wrong and feel stupid so now I just say "it's pink Italian glass"~ because I'm posh like that.


  1. Bhahahah! Do you mean Murano? Soooo funny!!! btw ... I think I'm the first kind of mum like you too. I'm dying to drop the kidlets off at school and still be in my dressing gown in the car!

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  3. HAHAHAHA I remember taking the kids back to school this year and getting checked out by all the dolly mums at the school. I'd been a working mum the year before so I wasn't seen often. I was fresh meat to them. I told Steve I felt out of place. He asked, "Why cos you have a walking stick?" I replied, "No cos I think I'm the only one here with my own boobs and skin colour."


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