Monday, June 11, 2012

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Ok so it's not London New York Paris but its as close as my life gets.

Off again on a plane with little Louie, a suitcase and an entourage of baby essentials which looks much more like I'm leaving home for a year but it's only a week! The smaller they are the more stud they need - CRAZY!

Baby Louie has a travel suit. It's a velour onesie which reduces all risk of lost socks, but requires complete costume change in the case of the exploding poo (shit happens pun intended).

I am somewhat of a evil person because I love watching the look on a fellow traveller's face when they realise they are sitting beside me with a baby! But he is always really well behaved- touch wood.

The thing I used to love about the plane trips I can no longer enjoy, which is sad. A hot cup of tea, a read of the inflight magazine, a nap. These are replaced by a breastfeed, playing with toys and a dead arm because of holding baby while he sleeps. Joys of motherhood.

So winter Sydney and Melbourne via the coast here we come!

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