Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blog Revamp and Launch

I am relaunching my blog.

Currently scoping for designers to rebrand and set up a fresh, new look and feel.


Because I have seen a missing link in the blogging market. Both in Melbourne and Brisbane where I spend much of my time.

I met some very passionate people last week in Melbourne, well I do every time I am here, but this time was different.

What if instead of reading long blog posts about places, you could watch a video which only goes for a few minutes from the propriator of a venue about what they are passionate about?

Include a few photos and a short blurb about why I love it and not only recommend it, but want to visit it all the time! Complete it with all the required stats of how to get there and when to go and we are done!

So stay tuned shortly. I have to get this youtube thing sorted and we are ready to roll.

To keep you entertained here are some of my adventures the past week.

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