Monday, June 9, 2014

Florance the Vintage Caravan

I've lusted after a vintage caravan for a long time.

Long enough that they have become trendy and the prices now hefty.

It was time to take the leap. Find something I liked within a reasonable budget. You can spend $50k on a caravan you know!

So spending MUCH less than that I jumped in and bought a 1983 Viscount Grand Tourer.

Immediately set out to find her a name. 

It was decided Florance the Van. #florancethevan 

Florance because I wanted something Italian. Florence. 

But I suspected there would be some French influence too. France.

And also hopefully some romance of beach and country. Romance.

Clever I thought. 

So we have had a couple of test runs on the family farm in Lockyer Valley and so far so good. 

I'm trying to decide on colours and curtains and trimmings. I have a Pinterest board going of ideas.

Loads of tea and scones and fires and wine (lots of wine) so far. 

Some kitchen bits on loan from mum. Gay Ware 1950s

When I first saw her! 

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  1. That was the exact same caravan I had as a child. I think we got it in 1982 so same vintage. Can't wait to see the refurb.


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