Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pro Blogger Event Gold Coast 2014

This is what I have done to prepare for Problogger aka #pbevent

Guess I better start getting organised. Life seems pretty simple when you're not taking a toddler with you. 

But I have a feeling I'm going to be packing more for two days than I did for two weeks in Italy with a toddler! (Which was one mid size check in and one carryon) 

Oh I lie, I have done some mathematics planning.
Problogger Packing:
- one toddler 
+ a case of French champagne
= a whole heap of fun in my hotel room! 

I did also read this blog post and LOVE it! So I guess I'm ready to roll. 

You will enjoy this http://www.tinysavages.com/leave-pass-gifs/ 


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  1. Hahaha. I thought I was THE ONLY one who hadn't written a ProBlogger post. But then I sat down and wrote a stupidly long one. Whoops! Time to pack now!!!

    p.s. Mmmmm champagne... :)


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