Monday, August 31, 2009

~ Sexy Does Sell ~

The little Honda just was not cutting it anymore. The little ones are no longer so little and their friends became Siamese twins and came everywhere with us. I needed a bigger car.

For a girl I have always been into cars. I actually LOVE cars and have taken a keen interest in the purchase of the family vehicle, the bosses new car, the next door neighbours and even my little sister's driving mechanisms.

My dad is into cars, bikes, anything that has a motor really. It is in my blood.

Now 30 and surely sporting greater knowledge, style, sense of economics and of course more money, I had a long list of specifications which this toy on wheels had to meet. After extensive research only a retiring scientist has performed, I signed up to a Volvo XC90D.

So what was the key factor of my purchase?

Embarrassingly, the D at the end which stands for Diesel, but mainly this photo.

I thought WOW! That is me* (see note)

What has happened to me? Have I been bought by advertising? OMG!!! I have. Lucky my girly choice has done me proud on this occasion.
I love my car.
It is fantastic.
Everything I ever wanted.
And more.
Sexy does sell.

*Well the ‘contrived’ me if I lost 20kgs, bought a black one in lieu of shimmer gold pearl (the colour formerly known as gold), spent over an hour perfecting my hair and make up every morning and changed to those mags (girls, they are the silver bit inside of the black bit of the wheels).


  1. Haha - I love your blog and found it through Cyma over at CHEK. Hilarious..I would of bought the car too after seeing that picture...your going on my sidebar girlfriend!

  2. Ha! It's a gorgeous car and a gorgeous ad! Good choice. I accidentally bought the wrong car I think. My dream cars (I can't narrow it down) are MGs and Alfa Romeos and a Lexus FWDs.


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