Thursday, August 27, 2009

~ Brisbane's Fashion Festival ~

Its not a runway in Paris or New York but it still manages to wow. I have been suitably impressed by some of this years 'wears'. You can check out all the designers here. Following are the pieces which have truly dazzled me so far.

Paul Hunt

Karen Neilson Swimwear

My most idolised designer by leaps and bounds is Sacha Drake!
A number of years ago I purchased my first Sacha Drake dress. I knew it was fate. The design was called ‘Danielle’ and have purchased at least one ‘Danielle’ dress every time Sacha releases one. I have six.
I also have the ‘Ultimate Black Dress’ (1 dress, 20 different ways) which I have worn to death and is outlined here. I may be scorned by the real fashionistas, and my daughter (fashionista in the grooming) chants “Mum, you are such an outfit repeater” but I LOVE it.

This is Sacha, my fairy godmother who has answered my fashion prayer many times!
Sacha is so kind to us that she has a custom fit search option so you can work around what is really going to work for you and your shape. What an angel! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!
You MUST check out her site

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  1. Gigella, thanks so much for your help with my tea set search. Race you to DJ's Toombul! A-M xx


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