Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Champagne to Vinegar

Today, like every day, I received my
Martha Stewart ‘Organising tip of the day’
I love Martha (those around me know the depth and extent of said love) but Martha, Martha, Martha! I must share.

Martha's organising tip of the day which is pictured below and linked here
"Instead of discarding leftover champagne, use it to make vinegar. Pour the
champagne into widemouthed jars, and after a few weeks, you have vinegar"
Number 1. I rarely have left over champagne
Number 2. I NEVER have left over Verve (as pictured)
Number 3. If I did (due to some kind of emergency*) have left over Veuve and made it into vinegar it would be the most prestigious vinegar I have ever had and would be not using it just on some daggy iceberg lettuce and tomato.

*the only thing I can think of at present would be an allergic reaction which rendered my mouth unable to open to consume the Veuve

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