Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~ Lightly ~

I have been trying to obtain pics for a selection of Lightly's work.
It is fabulous, unique, vintage and colourful. That's ticking all my boxes!

I 'stole' these from here which is Melbourne Fashionista as I am unable to obtain photos from Lightly's website.

These are just the sweetest!
Lightly has won plenty of awards for these designs and all can be purchased through the website and girls there are so very helpful.

Based in Melbourne, Cindy-Lee Davies is the designer behind Lightly. She draws on the memories of loved ones and domesticity as a source of inspiration for her work.  She launced the company in 2005 in homage to her grandmother, Rosemary Estelle Lightly, with the internationally acclaimed signature lave and doily inspired tableware range.

I hope you love as much as I do.

A little birdy carved out of an old style plate!

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