Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~ Roast Turkey Baby Costume ~

I love being Australian!
I would like to take you on a little journey.
Lets pretend we do not live in the USA. TICK
Lets pretend we do not cut up pumpkins into faces and fill them with lights. TICK
Lets pretend we do not dress up our children in weird costumes and suggest they go to strangers homes asking for lollies. TICK
Lets pretend we do not subject our little babies to this kind of torture! DOUBLE TICK

Complete with drumstick legs and faux vegetables, little ones will look adorable dressed as a baby turkey.

"Did somebody say pie?"

Your little whipper snapper would love this one for sure
These rather interesting Martha Stewart craft ideas can be found here

All jokes aside, Amerians have a great passion for their country and I love their enthusiasm with regard to these holidays.

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