Monday, November 16, 2009

~ My List to Santa ~

Dear Santa,
I have been (moderately) good this year so thought unlike the year I got a fold up Malvern Star bike that was the most daggy thing on two wheels (I was 12 if you remember) I would make it easier on you by providing a list of gifts I would actually like to see under the tree on Christmas morning.
Yours in hope,

Anything from Alfresco Emporium

Glass House Jasmine and Vanilla Fragrance Diffuser
Creates a soft, woody and inviting atmosphere as sensual Jasmine, Lavender and Heliotrope combined with Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vanilla envelops your home. Elves can get here.

A Belle Magazine Subscription
Elves can arrange from Magshop here.

PJs from Gingerlilly
Elves can get here.

New D&G Fragrance
Elves can get Strawberry Net.

Murchison Hume Cleaning Products
I know I'm strange, but this kinda stuff makes me happy!

Bra Travel Bag
Life has enough bumps and creases along the way—worrying about how you pack your bras for travel shouldn't add more. All designs available at with black and pink at Howards Storage World here.

Pedicure from Blow Salon
A much needed (and overdue) pedi from my favourite salon Blow while enjoying a glass of bubbles and chatting to the girls. I always feel like a movie star when I go there as everyone calls me by name. (could be due to the three children who can be found asking lots of questions and requesting coke and testers of the new nail polishes, and that’s my boys!)


  1. Great stuff!

    Glad you are in:) We can do it girl. Email me if you ever need a kick in the rear;)

  2. Gorgeous blog! Im now lusting after a ton of things from Alfresco Emporium!


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