Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~ The Social Pages ~

Last night I decided to sneak into QueensPlaza in Brisbane to the opening of the Coco Chanel Photography Exhibition (darling). Sneak you may ask? Well I was not dressed accordingly therefore hoped I would not see anyone I knew.

Then POUNCE out of nowhere (or my current hell) came a photographer and asked 'THAT' question "Could I please take your photo for X* Magazine social pages"

At that very moment so many thoughts are going through my head.
1. DAMIT! Why didn't I choose my outfit more carefully instead of the sniff test to ensure it was clean (enough) to wear?
2. Why did I sleep in and not wash my hair this morning. Instead it looks like rats have been sucking on it?
3. Why do I have to have a zit the size of Mt Vesuvius?
4. Then as I pose, I'm thinking "Tummy in, tits out, shoulders back, chin forward, smile, don't blink"

So instead of my social pages photo looking like this pretty yet realistic photo of Nigella

I am sure its going to come out looking like this

So until next Wednesday when the X* Edition comes out I will not sleep well, eat well or think well and use rescue remedy often!

*I am not prepared  to reveal the name of the Magazine until I can review how bad this is all going to be!

Coco Chanel air kiss to all!

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