Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~ House in the Hamptons ~

I have made a promise to myself (a NY resolution of sorts) that I will not turn my blog into a musing of clichéd decorating and design snapshots. Because frankly I know I’m not the Queen of sourcing amazing photos, ideas and notes and there are many more talented girls out there doing it for the blogging world. Please don’t stop. Ever. I love it.
I do love Alfresco Emporium
And I do love Hamptons Style
And I do love this house that I drive up and down the street looking at when I feel like a drive to the most obscure part of town and take photos like a stalker (exhibit A. following)
And I think these little trinkets would look perfect in exhibit A, with only one change.
I would paint the front door either fire engine RED or NAVY

Exhibit A

There is something simply sweet about this home. Everything is balanced. In proportion. Not ostentatious. Just right for a suburban home. It makes me smile.

Check out the Hamptons House at Alfresco here.

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  1. I enjoy your posts Digella, just keep doing what you already are, you have a lovely blog:)
    And I agree about that home, red door, spot on!


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