Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Martha's Guide for Winos

Another Martha Moment

I knew one day Martha would come through with something useful for the wine lover with OCD.  Which begs the question - was I OCD before the wine or with the hangover?? Will have to think about that one. Anyway back to Martha and she says:

Is it a good year for Malbec*? Create your own sommeliers* guide by dividing a journal into five parts, using tabs for different categories, such as sparkling, white, rose, red, and dessert. Each time you try something new, jot down the producer, year, and varietal, as well as a few notes about flavor. When you go shopping, you'll have a record of which wines are worth buying again.

Instructions for this handy little tool can be found at Martha Stewart here. And some of the contributors' Comments include:

You can also take a pic with your digital or telephone camera of the label and create a file on your computer of favoite wines!
Another way that I use to remove labels is to cover the label with clear packing tape, rub the label with your fingernail, a table knife, etc and then peel the tape off. I trim the tape to about .25" around the edge of the label and then place it in my journal.
This would make a good hostess gift too!
Tonight I feel like a Chandon sparkling. Why? Because I think its about the best Australian sparkling around. Full Stop.

*Malbec is a grape style used in blends (mostly) in France. And a Sommelier is the guy at the resturant you ask for help about what wine to order when you are trying to impress pretentious friends which are yet to arrive for the dinner.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Digella, I am also looking forward to see pictures of your finished project, please do share, I am sure what ever you decide it will look really good :)


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