Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~ Publish Your Own Book ~

If you could publish your own book, what would it be?

A long narrative in literary prose?
A 'my home is my castle' design extravaganza?
A gastronomic expedition through international cuisine?
A memoir of fascinating people, locations and events?

Whatever your inspiration this is the site for you!

In three steps you can have your book published.
1. Download the BookSmart software
2. Add photos, artwork and / or text.
3. Order as many books as you like.

Prices start at $4.95 USD, however my fave style would be a coffee table size book which is $59.95 USD. How fantastic is that!


  1. I came across this site a few days ago and am planning on ordering two books (pictures of each child). What a typical mum, huh?

  2. Can't wait to see your 'series' in print! I'll put my order in now for each of your above-mentioned! (When you find time in amongst your multitasking mum magnificence!)

  3. Oh this sounds good! I'm off to investigate! A-M xx


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