Monday, February 1, 2010

60 Day Makeover

Due to my current facelift to the suburban farm house I don’t feel the dreamy mood of renovation too often these days. I'm so depressed immersed with my current project that I lack the brain power to comprehend more work.


While stalking browsing through Real over the weekend I came across these three places.  Imagine what 60 days and an unlimited budget could do!

House projects for me are not dissimilar to childbirth - there is just enough time between each one for me to forget how bad it really was and talk myself into doing it again, then once you hit that birthing suite (or fifth tube of no-more-gaps) the pain and shock of it all comes flooding back.

When I'm in the right mood though, I can look at these kind of places and conjure up paint, furniture, carpets, photo frames, window coverings and even parties or coffees with friends.

House number 1. is unique for its area and is a little hamptons. I love the windows. A lot of the work has been done, just requires some furnture and a few personalised touches by me. An easy transition!

House number 2. With more than an acre and a half, two fireplaces and large bedrooms this house makes me feel warm and cosy and the kind of place I would enjoy garden parties.

My dreamy task list includes a facelift inside and out because the overall look and feel is great.  I actually have good feelings about the slate on the kitchen floor, reminds me of my childhood and the large but inviting home I grew up in. (I love the shape of this genoa lounge!)

House number 3. By far the most work, time and money would go here. It would be intense work having all of this complete in the 60 days, but I know I could do it (forgetting the pain remember)

Well back to reality. Tonight I am reviewing the very long current project task list and hopefully ticking some more things off with about 100 left to go. NEVER AGAIN! Until next time of course. 

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