Friday, March 26, 2010

Daddy is Coming Home

After a long trip away, the Daddy is coming home.

Pre trip I worried about the impending distance between the Daddy and us. I told him that I didn't know how I was going to cope, how stressful it could be and that I had HUGE shoes to fill specifically in the following tasks which he does perfectly well:

Making yummy and fun school lunches;
Watching, cheering and coaching at hockey training;
Serving up a chicken nuggets and fruit combo for dinner;
Listening to trashy 80's music in the car and allowing a moderated form of 'car dancing';
Sneaking away from work early to do the school pick up and going for a treat; and
Letting little Miss sleep in the bed.

And how did I go?  FAIL

There have been tantrums, crying and sleepless nights and that’s just me!

In summary:

“Your school lunches are boring” Quote Miss;
I took her to hockey practice once and spent most of the time in the bar as I felt distraught and thought wine might help;
There have been no chicken nuggets (good Mummy) but some days when shopping hadn’t arrived there was no fruit either (bad Mummy);
Most car trips have been lectures from little Miss about why I was drinking wine and not watching the hockey practice;
I have only received one fine for picking her up after 6pm from After School Care. I was proud of that!;
Yep, she slept in my bed every night unless she fell asleep on the lounge watching ABC3.

I am normally so firm.  I am normally so fun.  I am normally so organised.

Daddy being away really threw me off.

Did I hear there was a cyclone somewhere? It has been a while since I have seen any adult TV. But they do have 10 minutes of News on 3 on ABC3 kids TV each evening! I am sick to watching Prank Patrol and I am looking forward to phoning my friends to tell them I am still alive as I have not returned any phone calls for the duration.

The Highlights (and lets just focus on those for now because Daddy is still not home and I have to get through another weekend with the Veruca / Angel Combo)

Little Miss making her face into a photo frame
Laughing while she licked the cake bowl in her Pjs
They look so angelic when they sleep and you wonder how you ever got mad at them!

Last night I stayed up until the early hours of the morning doing all the housework so that we have a free weekend to watch Nanny McPhee 2, bake, play and have a lovely time girlie together. Hopefully that will wipe out all the stressful stuff.

Only 3 more sleeps or 62 hours until Daddy comes home!

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