Monday, March 29, 2010

Cape Cod in Brisbane!

Not wanting to start the dreaded 'North / South Debate'** but needing to point out, I would defiantly be prepared cross the river to the south for this place!
'Moreton House'

Yep, that's ocean you can see! I love houses which you can feel have soul. I am extremely fortunate to have lived in homes with heart you feel when you walk into a room, all of these homes have been 80+ years old. Most new places can only hope to achieve that. Most fail. Exception being new homes like A-Ms and Sharnel's (her house tours here - hope she doesnt mind me sharing!) however they have managed carefully and skilfully to build homes with gorgeous character and modern design. Their time and hard work has paid off!

So back to Cape Cod in Brisbane.... (which can be found here for a limited time only)


** The 'North / South Debate is the ongoing argument that living on either side of the river is better than the other. I offer informed opinion to this cause as I spent the first 25 years of my life in the south and the last 7+ years in the north. I would not move south unless something pretty darn special called me there! But that is just me.

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  1. We are considering selling and purchasing this house D. I can't believe you did this post!!!!!


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