Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My First Layer Cake

Yes! Yes! I can almost hear some of you scoffing as you read this. But for the others who may be still thinking "Can I do this?" I shout YES YOU CAN!

I have been so nervous about this cake. When I was a little girl I would watch my grandmother bake beautiful goods, treats and of course cakes in awe of how these amazing things could be created. I truly believed that everything I turned my hand to would work as perfectly as it did for her.

It just seemed that she could throw eggs, milk, flour, sugar, milk, sometimes fruit and of course love into a bowl and out would come a magnificant cake!

What I didn’t know at that young age was the most important thing was love. Why? Because I was seriously going to turn all those eggs, milk, sugar, flour etc to S.H.I.T.** and I needed to have a love of baking to attempt it over and over again while I struggled to succeed.

So what happened next? I did what most perfectionist, competitive and determined women do. I gave up! I mastered the art of keeping a house ‘Martha Stewart’ clean and a being able to recall address', websites and phone numbers of every good cake baker and confectioner in Brisbane!

Then a few years ago I was given a Kitchenaid mixer as a gift and two things came into my mind.
1. Owwwww Pretty
2. I hope he doesn’t expect me to use this!

But here we are today.

I own so many baking books and with each success I get more adventurous and more skilled and more darn-right pleased with myself! And sometimes it's the more simple things we worry about! Without further ado

Digella Presents ....

Magnolia Bakery’s
Vanilla Layer Cake
w/ Raspberry Butter Cream
Weird I know, but I use a lettuce knife to cut most of my cakes

Oh, and my little easter nests for the girls at work with choc butter cream.

A cupcake special birthday order
Devoured awaiting boarding at the Brisbane International Airport!  

** sloppy horrendous inedible trash


  1. Oh how good do these look???????? Yummo

  2. WOw Well done, these look scrumptious!
    My lil girl is drooling over the pink cupcakes (standing beside me right now)!!


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