Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Fat Croation Holy Communion Mk3

OH NO! Today after a couple of less than perfect baking events last night, I woke with a fright.

I haven't chosen the invitations!

There are too many to choose from and with work and baking pulling me away from this momentous occasion event planning, some intense planning time will need to be dedicated this weekend.

I have lots of ideas on how things are going to look and what I will bake and how I will arrange things and where people will sit and who they will talk to and and and and.... see rambling! I need some time to clear these thoughts and put them all down on my little event planning "Task List / Run Sheet" so that all is clear to everyone else, should I get hit by a bus on the way to the church.  The best thing about that is that my family can use all my good planning on a beautiful combined First Communion / Wake! And I would have things MY way ;)

These are a few of the things which have made their way from maybe to confirmed on the list. Click on photo to enlarge.

Photo 1 - The little girl as seen this and would like a cluster of carnations made into a beautiful bouquet. However she doesnt want them to die so I am either going to try and source some classy fake ones (classy fake, that's an oxymoron!) or use one of the many trusted Martha crafts and make something out of tissue paper? I don't know. I may just need to talk her into real ones and dispose of them before she has to witness the decay. Its funny how a little girl's mind works!

Photo 2 - Donna Hay Pink Milk Glass Cake Stand from Donna Hay General Store. One word, CLASSIC! Jealously overcame me when I saw Sharnel at My Life My Loves & The Cupcake Company owned a set of these and I decided then and there to track them down! Three are on their sweet little way from the Donna Hay General Store in Sydney (list of products HERE). YAY!

Photo 3 - The cake. So this is a Martha Stewart cake. But in lieu of the lemon cake she has used, I am going to make my trusty Magnolia Bakery cake and layer with Martha Stewart's Swiss Meringue Buttercream and pipe with the special technique. Testing in due course!

So there you have it. You can read more about this Big Fat event HERE.


  1. hahahaha you got them. good on you. they will look gorgeous in your kitchen after the big fat event.

  2. Oh that cake...that cake! Good luck.. Sounds mammoth! A-M xx


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