Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Peoples Rooms

I love finding new blogs / websites / shopping links. And today someone emailed me a link to the Mathildas Market.  These markets are held around Australia and present some pretty cool businesses with some amazing products. Gosh some people are so creative!

There are loads to look and click through at the Mathildas Market site HERE and the next market is in Brisbane on Saturday 17th April at Eagle Farm Racecourse.

These are two I really wanted to share.

Gelati Art
Designed in collections and co-ordinates with a range of children's bed linen and home interiors to help make decorating children's rooms easy and fun. Here are two pretty cool prints, some of which are stand alone prints and some form parts of three piece sets.. very cute!

ani @ trio
Aka Anita and Triona, are two friends with one lovely vision – providing a little luxury to your little dreamer. Here are the links to their blog and their website.  They have beautiful cot sets, blankets, kindy sets and pillowcases. At the moment single beds are part of their range. I would love one for my daughter, but she is now in a double, might need to talk to the girls at the markets next week ;)

Rise and Shine

Buttercup Bliss

Goodmorning Birdie

I am busting to get to there next week and have a good look at all the retailers on display.

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