Monday, May 10, 2010

Homewares & Heartwares

Saturday morning brought the flinging open of the Black+Spiro store to their one day sale. It was madness. I was only able to take one quick shot before braving the crowd inside to see what I could find. I arrived five minutes late at 9:35am as there was a traffic jam down Brunswick street (due to the sale) only to find that most of the good stuff was sold. It was madness. Great bargains for those who lined up from 8:15am I've been told. I must admit, I am not that dedicated. I scored myself some rose jugs which will work in with The Big Fat Croatian First Holy Communion in a few weeks time. And a couple of bits of fabric which I am sure I will turn into something down the track when I learn to sew or bribe someone else to sew something for me!

My Black+Spiro Vintage Jugs

Then I headed south for a mission of mercy. Without going into the North-South Side Debate* and upsetting anyone but this is kinda how it works. South is ok, deep south is dodgy, deep deep south is very dodgy. Yet way south is where Polo is played served up with seafood and Veuve (if you get their alive). I had to go deep deep south and it was scary. One guy was staring and actually pointed at my car. I felt like saying "Yes, its a Volvo. Yes, it has personalised number plates. Yes, I have only one set of piercings. Yes, my kids are wearing shoes" You get the picture. I won't post the photo I snapped down there... lets just say a rats tail is NOT a suitable fashion statement for a 3 year old boy!

On the way back I took a WIDE loop and stopped into Lily G for the first time since the new owner has taken over. I didn't alert to having 'insider knowledge' of the store by telling anyone I have been following the Lily G blog for years as there were lots of people in the store and I was happy to look around and observe. I was very impressed!
Don't you just LOVE these custom made cushions.

Also in stock are beautiful French etched glasses from the movie Coco Avant Chanel. I tried to get a photo of the glasses without looking like I was casing the joint but it blurred. I am purchasing some for sure! Just need to work out how many I can fit into cupboards!

Then I stopped off at my local thrift shop and bought five silver rimmed saucers which are just perfect for little candle plates and tea pot holders (must post photo) they were $1 for all five.

One of my silver saucers
(with a cameo by some fabric I purchased at Black+Spiro Sale)

The afternoon was filled with completing Mother's Day orders for some yummy Mummies and Grandmummies.
Here are some more cupcakes I made and snapped a pic before the delivery. It is so great when clients bring their own Cupcake Couriers to be filled with 36 cakes by me. Get one HERE and yes, I know I harp on about these, but they truly are fantastic.

Mothers Day 2010 will go down as THE WORST of all time. Without going into too much detail the highlight was hearing the lovely Liz sing "My Favourite Things" accapella as the opening to the Mother's Day Service at Church and lowlight was breaking out in hives all over my neck at face which kept me drugged in bed most of the day. You DO NOT need to see a photo of that!

*** The 'North / South Debate is the ongoing argument that living on either side of the river is better than the other. I offer informed opinion to this cause as I spent the first 25 years of my life in the south and the last 7+ years in the north. I would not move south unless something pretty darn special called me there! But that is just me


  1. Oh I hear you. I'm a southie, only because of the boys school. Would do anything to live North but not to be. Love your gorgeous cakes... as pretty as a picture. A-M xx

  2. Ha! Looks like we have another thing in common *snap*. I get accused of being a "suburb nazi" when I dis the southside aka Badlands by me. The furtherest south I would venture would be Bulimba (and I don't really class that as southside), Yeronga (same again) or Chelmer, which I sort of feel is more nothside given it's proximity to Indooroopilly. Northside all the way for me!


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